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85C Page Avenue,Staten Island,New York,USA,10309

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    I am a dedicated and successful Real Estate Professional in this local area of
    Staten Island New York. My personal goal is to simplify the process of selling
    Or buying real estate, and to satisfy everyone’s needs to the best of my ability.
    My extensive experience and proven track record are factors you can count on
    When working with me. I use the latest technology to understand the current
    Market and to make the connections necessary for your success.

    My Testimonial:

    Dear Ms. Corregano:
    I wanted to take a moment to commend one of your agents, Michele Lucchini.
    An elderly cousin of mine, Gene Carlson, was recently left a widower and was himself recovering from a serious fall and hospital/rehab stay. His home was much too big for him and he relized he needed to sell it. He and I have always been very close. He asked me for a recommendation for a Realtor but I had moved away from Staten Island many years ago and live in Atlanta and didn't know much about the current status of Island Real Estate. Gene needed to sell his home at 887 Bard Avenue and purchase a smaller condo to live in for the future.
    I had grown up with Michele and kept in contact with her on Facebook so I recommended her to Gene.
    As mentioned, Gene is elderly and had also relied on his wife of over 55 years for everything. After her sudden passing and his injury and time spent in rehab, he had become more anxious about change and lift in general. He wanted to stay in the Clove Lakes area as that was what he was familiar with.
    Michele stepped right in and quickly got his home sold. On top of that, she took him in hand and found a new home for him in a condo located at 1100 Clove Road. He was so excited as irt is right around the corner from his house. As there was a gap in the time of the closing of his house and the purchase of his condo, she arranged with his buyers rto allow him to live in the basement of his home for a month as he had nowhere else to go. She spent many, many hours helping him sort through his home (which was filled with "stuff"!)evaluating what could be donated or thrown out, and what he could take with him. She brought in her husband and son to help cart items away and take care of heavy to move furniture.
    She has overseen his obtaining of movers and a painter for his new home, and today is overseeing his move in to his new condo. She has kept me in the loop on everything that has been happening, for which I am eternally grateful. Most Realtors disappear after they receive their check at the home closing. Not Michele. She has truly gone above and beyond. I told her she as earned her wings on this one. She is helping anf elderly man to start his new lift and should be recognized by sher superiors for her time, compassion and understanding in this situation. We are truly blessed to have helping Gene with Everything, and you are lbessed to have her as part of your Team. Thank you for your time!
    Lyz DeMarco, Fair Oak Way, Mableton, GA 30126