About Barbara

About Barbara Corregano Real Estate

The mission of Barbara Corregano Real Estate is to be the most successful real estate firm in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and The Bronx with a referral base throughout the United States. Barbara is one of the most respected Broker/Owner’s in her field and is respected by other brokers, agents, contractors, for her 45 plus years of experience in real estate as well as her roots in new construction and tremendous success she has had. Barbara Corregano besides a brilliant mind in real estate is one of the few who can say they help build up the south shore of Staten Island. She has built a name within the Real Estate Community and is one of the humblest kind-hearted active broker-owners in the business today. When others seek her advice and knowledge in new construction, she doesn’t hesitate to help a competing broker, or agent because Barbara loves her field and thinks it’s a big enough field for most to play in. She knows her well hand-picked agents and associate brokers are well trained, and have their own unique qualities and will keep her brand strong and growing. She makes sure to incorporate the business ethics she is accustomed to and the work ethic which still drives her today to be one of the most successful powerhouse broker-owners in the business today.

After over 45 years, Barbara doesn’t say “let me take a sidelined approach, she leads from the front with her impressive top producing numbers in the field year to year, and grows her numbers each year. To Barbara, it is customer service and serving those she has served on Staten Island for all these years that is priority number one. She is proud of her team who incorporates that respect and caring for clients and community is number one at being a good agent and a good citizen. She has on her staff a wide variety of top producing agents, associate brokers, and management to handle and carry out her proven model for success. Barbara Corregano is a person who faces challenges with a laugh, speaks to everyone with a smile, and as they are equals, and takes chances on those she feels will be good for her name, her company, and someone she can work with to bring out their best qualities. For more information About Barbara and her staff consisting of top of the line agents and Associate Brokers calls our office at 718-747-8660 or visit our office at 85C Page Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10309.