When you think of fall decor the first things that come to mind are probably plaid, pumpkins, and wreaths of leaves. That is because these are the most classic decorating ideas year after year, but there are always new ideas to spruce things up. Adding a festive touch for the coming holidays and fall season is going to be extra important this year due to our current circumstances. Here are the 2020 fall home decor trends we are the most excited about:

Rich Colors

While you may be used to adding in orange, red and yellows to your home in the fall, this year designers are leaning towards richer colors. Rust, olive green and navy are some of the most popular for this season. Touches of eggplant and mustard yellow are also favorites. If you want to stick with majority classic fall coloring, try adding one or two of the new shades into your color scheme. Pillows or blankets are the easiest way to subtly introduce something new.

Bring The Festivity Outside

While a lot of our life is spent outside now, it is going to be very common to see more extravagant outdoor displays. An interior designer reported thoughts for fall decor and has seen families incorporating orange twinkle lights to add some cheer to their front porch. As always, a display of colorful pumpkins and gourds on the front steps are a classic.

Get Cozy 

Once it starts cooling down, it is time to get cozy. Switch out the lighter fabrics for thicker and fluffier options. Add a basket of fuzzy blankets to your living room and some fall colored pillows to the couch. The fabrics most suggested are sherpa, velvet, leather and cashmere.

Add Natural Elements Inside

There is nothing better than the outdoors during autumn. Have the best of both worlds and bring the outdoors in. Gather an arrangement of natural elements from even your own yard to put in vases or a centerpiece. Tree branches, pine cones and grasses are easily found and bring in the best possibilities.